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Chloe Ross's Sponsorship Page

Sponsoring Start a War for the children of Camp Simcha

Thank you for supporting Chai Lifeline.
Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

William Papariella $2000.00
Jet Edge is honored to support this great program.

Barbara S. Ross $500.00
A Wonderful Mitzvah Project, Chloe. We are so proud of you. Love Grandma & Grandpa

Andrew Collins $500.00
Good luck - great job Chloe!

Anonymous Sponsor $500.00

Anonymous Sponsor $250

Timothy Marken $250.00
Chloe, You are making a positive impact on the world in the most beautiful way, one person at a time. You are blessed...

Nancy and Bill Chernack $200.00
A wonderful cause that is being done by a wonderful young woman- xo Nancy and Billy

Patrick Gallagher $200

Fran & Mike Grabow $200.00
This is a meaningful,wonderful Mizvah project

fran grabow $200.00

shoshana dichter $200.00
Way to go CHLOE! We are so proud of you! xoxo, The Dichter Family

Karen & Roger Ruben $200
Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah.

Jonathan & Samantha Firestone $180.00

Allyson Heumann $180.00
Chloe, Mazel Tov! I think this is an amazing project. Everyone should get to experience summer camp. Love, Aunt Allyson

Britten Wadler $180.00
Congratulations Chloe...This is an amazing project!! xo The Wadler Family

David Lawrence $180
Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah. Chai Lifeline is a very special organization. May we only share happy occasions together! DL

Ronald Silverman $180.00

Matt Pfaeffli $180
Congrats Chloe! Such a wonderful cause, best of luck!

Aaron Pinsker $180
Mazel Tov! Love Aaron, Heather and Jordan

Mark Wieser $180
Sounds like a great cause, Chloe. Congratulations!

Henry Schachar $180.00
beautiful mitzvah/project.mazal tov fondly, beverly & henry schachar

Marcie Sinaiko $180.00
Congratulations on a great Mitzvah Project. The Sinaiko Family

Allison Ross $180.00
Congrats Chloe! Such a wonderful Mitzvah Project. We are so proud of you. Love, Aunt Ally, Uncle Lee, + Maxie

William Allard $180.00
Congratulations Chloe❤️ for doing something so thoughtful and special. xo The Allards

Stephen Nitkin $180
Mazel Tov, great cause! Dana & Stephen Nitkin

Andre Hazlewood $180.00
Congrats Chole! The Hazelwood Family

Martin Michel $160
Congratulations Chloe!

Brian Hirsch $150.00
Congrats Chloe!!

Darian Jennings $144.00
Chloe, Congratulations. Such a wonderful Mitzvah project. xx The Jennings Family

Jennifer Kim $100

Luke Hatfield $100

Sharyn Bobroff $100
Dear Chloe, What a great Bat Mitzvah project! Good luck in reaching your goal! Love, Aunt Sharyn

Jaime Hansen $100.00
Congrats and great mitzvah project!

Seem Wolsefer $100.00
What a beautiful thing you are doing, Chloe! Congrats!

tammy mozenter $100.00
Mazel tov Chloe!

Ryan Auer $100.00
Happy Bar Mitzvah!


Brendan Nolan $100
Great project! Congratulations.

Laura Traister $100.00
Mazel Tov! This is such a wonderful cause. We are happy to support you. Love, The Traisters

Alexis Ulbrich $100.00

Michael Kane $100


Julie Katz $100.00
Mazel Tov Chloe! With love, The Katz Family

Angela Milstein $100
Mazel tov, Chloe!

Julie Woolenberg $100.00
Mazel Tov Chloe on your Bat Mitvah! What a wonderful Mitvah Project!

Karen and Rich Irlando $100.00
Wonderful! Congrats, Chloe

Laura Ostheimer $100.00
Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah from Laura and David Ostheimer

toby and marty fischbein $100
what a wonderful thing to do congrats!!

Brian Counsil $100.00
Great project, Chloe! Best wishes.

judith markham $100.00
in honor of Chloe

Stanley I Rosen $100.00
Dear Chlor, Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah. Love, Shelly and Stan

Michelle Ross $100.00
With Love! Chayim Frenkel

Michele Handler $100.00
What a wonderful thing you are doing in honor of your Bat Mitzvah. You are a very special young lady. Mazel tov to you. Hugs, Shelley& Harvey Handler

robert ross $100.00
Chloe, Mazel Tov! Great Mitzvah Project.Love, Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Bob

Anonymous Sponsor $100.00

Toby & Fred Portman $100
Congratulations, Chloe. We are happy to contribute to such a wonderful cause

Harvey Solomon $100.00
What a wonderful project Chloe. You are making difference Dena & Harvey Solomon

Eric Kanter $90.00
What a special project. Best of luck reaching your goal Chloe! The Kanters

Anonymous Sponsor $90
Congrats Chloe!

Eileen Shapiro $72.00
In honor of Chloe's Bat Mitzvah

Stacy Edelman $50
Congrats on Chloe's Bat Mitzvah! We are so thrilled to contribute toward this great Mitzvah Project! Love, Stacy (Bobroff), Jeff, Josie and Dani Edelman

amy bersch $50
Mazel Tov!!!

Brad Bobroff $50
Mazel Tov, Chloe! What a wonderful project. Very happy to help support such a great cause. With Love, Brad, Carrie, Hallie and Jake Bobroff

Luke Thigpen $50.00
Congrats Chloe!

kelly healy $50.00
Good Luck Chloe!!

kelly healy $50.00

Marilyn Parker $50
This is a wonderful project. Congratulations!

Joanne Seiff $50.00
in honor of Chloe's Bat Mitzvah

Dan and Lynnette Goldberg $50

Anonymous Sponsor $50

julie cohen $50
Mazel tov Chloe! What a wonderful opportunity you are providing!!

Brettany Shannon $50.00
A lovely project! Congratulations!

Ellen Burnett $50.00
Congratulations , Chloe. We are happy to be part of this worthwhile cause.

Daniel Harris $36
Mazel Tov!

Jessica Bren Boston $36.00
Mazel tov, Chloe! Spread the joy of camp! XO, The Padawers

Kim Lurie $36.00
Mazel Tov, Chloe! xx

Laura Gianni $25.00
Congratulations on your bat mitzvah and what a great project!

Ruth Laurent-Kocher $25.00
Love that you are supporting such a great cause - well done The Kochers

Rochelle Topolosky $25.00
Great mitzvah project. Congratulations on your bat mitzvah. Fondly, Rochelle and randy topolosky

Nili Ovsiowitz $25.00
Mazel Tov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah!

Alisa Snider $10.00

Total Value of Gifts: $ 12,094.00

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    eg: 500.00


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