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CALEB's 11th Birthday - Chai for Chai Lifeline and Chaim Mazal

Ellen Hollander-Sande's Sponsorship Page

On December 29, 2006 (9 Tevet), at 7:29pm, my beautiful Caleb Mazal (Chaim Mazal) was born.  We were blessed with 6 and a half years with our beautiful Caleb, and during that last year, Chai Lifeline was there for him and for us, helping make that very difficult year also a time of love and joy.  Please help us honor his memory by donating to Chai Lifeline in Caleb's merit, in recognition of what would be his 11th birthday.  Give big, give small - even $11 for 11 years since his birth, or $18 for "CHAI" - for CHAI lifeline and for my CHAIM Mazal.  

Anne Soffee $250.00
In honor of CALEB'S BARTHDAY. With love!

Matthew Drucker $108
Remembering Caleb

Ellen Hollander-Sande $108
From Jan in memory of winsome piquant CALEB!

Danielle Slepian and Bonnie Rosenbaum $108.00
In honor of Caleb Mazal, always in our hearts.

Dr Jan H Drucker $100
Honoring Caleb and wishing I could know him as a tween

Ellen Hollander-Sande $54
Thank you Chai Lifeline and L'Chaim Mazal - Long may he live in our hearts!

Joan Hollander $54
In honor of Ellen, Michael, Banjo, Jonah, and in memory of Caleb.

Joan Hollander $54
In honor of Ellen, Michael, Banjo, Jonah and in memory of my beloved grandson Caleb

Ruth J Kaufman $50
In honor of Ellen, Michael, Banjo, Jonah, and in memory of their beloved Caleb. Long may he live in your hearts!

Dina Gelman $40.00
In honor of Caleb's 10th birthday, with love from the 4 of us. XO

Heather McCarthy $36.00
In honor of my the Hollander-Sande family and in memory of CALEB!

Abigail Marcus $36.00
in Caleb's memory

Ellen Umansky $36
In honor and in memory of Caleb

Barry Peerless $36

Ellen Hollander-Sande $36.00
L’Chaim Mazal! For Caleb’s 11th birthday

Diana Gliedman $30.00
In honor of Caleb Sande

Carolyn Hamilton $25.00
In honor and memory of Caleb

Anonymous Sponsor $20.00
Love CALEB! Love

Anonymous Sponsor $20.00

Carolyn Charney $18.00
IMO Caleb

Kimberly Bernhardt $18.
In honor of your beautiful CALEB on his birthday <3

Anonymous Sponsor $18.00

Elina Valentine $11
In honor of Caleb on his 11th BARTHDAY.

Elizabeth Seymour $10.00
In honor of a wonderful family and in remembrance of their beloved Caleb.

Janaya Almquist $10
in honor of 10 years since the wonderful Caleb Mazal's birth.

Rachel Maurer $10
in honor of Caleb

Lauren Sosenko $10
we never had the honor of meeting you, but we love hearing all about you!

Margot Brundage-David $10
We miss you, Caleb!

Total Value of Gifts: $ 1,316.00

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