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Hannah Rita Tambor's Bat Mitzvah Project

Hannah Rita Tambor's Sponsorship Page

Dear family and friends,

For three years now, my dad has been riding in the Bike for Chai bike ride, which raises money for Camp Simcha.  Up until two summers ago, I had no idea what Camp Simcha was or what it did.  The more I learned, the more I was amazed.  Kids born with illnesses or kids with cancer go to summer camp for two weeks. If this already sounds amazing then this next tidbit will come as a shock- these kids go to Camp Simcha for FREE!!!!

Every year, my mom has gone to pick up my dad from the camp at the end of the ride and told us how moving and amazing it was to see the kids and the riders together. This year, I went with her to see it for myself, and it is the most fantastic camp EVER!! Throughout the year, these kids are told they can’t do this or that, but at Camp Simcha, they make it their business to say nothing but “yes!” Swimming? Yes!  Ropes course? Of Course!  Even zip lining? why not??!! Not to mention hip hop dance lessons, candle making, an arcade and so much more. There’s a shower that you actually can go into it in a wheelchair as well as all different kinds of boats designed for the chair-bound at the lake.   The whole time, the kids are surrounded by the most dedicated and loving staff you can possibly imagine, who make it their mission to ensure that these kids have the best two weeks ever!  The campers count down the days until it’s time for camp.

Chai LifeLine is running a building campaign dedicated to renovating the entire campus of Camp Simcha, replacing old bunks with cottages that meet the special needs of these campers.  I am aiming to raise $25,000 to pay for the renovation of one cottage.  I know it is lofty, but I hope I will be able to reach this goal so I can cover the cost of painting the bunk walls with themed murals and furnishing a lounge.  These details go so far in making the summer special.

Thank you so much for any contribution that you make. It means so much to me and even more to these amazing kids!



The Lindenbaum Siblings $1369.54

Anonymous Sponsor $1000
Mazal tov Hannah!

Laura and Jonathan Heller $1000

Nathan and Shari Lindenbaum $1000

Marcel Lindenbaum $1000

Rebecca Lindenbaum $1000.00
Very Proud Hannah, Uncle Bennett and Aunt Rebecca

Gerald Kaufman $500.00
Great choice. Thanks for giving us the chance to help. Judy and Jerry

Suzanne and Jacob Doft $500

James and Amy Haber $500

Victoria and Ben Feder $500

Anonymous Sponsor $500
mazal tov, Hannah!

Ray Lindenbaum $500
We are so proud of you! xo Aunt Ray and Uncle Matthew

Carol and Melvin Newman $500

Anonymous Sponsor $360.00

Michael Brill and Judy Abel $360

Anonymous Sponsor $360
Mazel tov!

erica schwartz $360
in honor of Hannah. Mazel tov!

Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
yasher kochech and mazal tov Audrey and Chaim Trachtman

Judith Peck $360.00
in honor of hannah tambor

Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Mazel Tov Hannah!

Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Mazal Tov Hannah!! Love, Neera, Michael, Eliana, Soph and BDK

RUTH lindenbaum $350

Esther and Marc Sholes $250
Mazal Tov, Hannah. Kol HaKavod!

Michelle and William Spielfogel $250

Stephanie and Jonathan Freilich $200.00
Mazal Tov Hannah!!

Nicole Fisher $200.00
Awesome job, Hannah! ❤️Nicole & Jeff

jonathan wagner $200.00
Mazel tov on your bat mitzvah-- you did a great job!- Jonathan Wagner

Vanessa Gad $180
Mazal Tov!

Amanda Newman $180
Wonderful chesed--mazal to, Hannah!

Alexandra Zohn $180.00
Mazal Tov, Hannah! What an amazing mitzvah.

Ruby Kazam $180

Tami Rock $180
Mazal tov!

Karen Averi $180.00
In honor of Hannah- We love you, mazal tov! Live, Karen, Iddo, Shirley, Ella and Rona

Phil and Jen Lindenbaum $180
Mazel Tov! Love, Phil, Jen, Henry and Joseph

Julie Feldman $180
Mazel Tov, Hannah!!

Laury Paul $180
Mazel Tov

Anonymous Sponsor $150.00
Mazel Tov! Your Friend Sam Ostad

Rafaela Torossian $130.00
Mazel Tov. Rafaela

Claire Nackab-Mamrout $120.00
Mazal tov Hannah!!!!

Karynne Naftolin $118.00
Mazal tov on your Bat Mitzvah, Hannah. Tizki l'mitzvot! Karynne & Eric Grossman

Rivka kugel $100
Mazal Tov, Hannah!! Thank you for this zechut to give Tzedaka in honor of your Bat Mitzvah! ~ Rabbi and Rivka Kugel

Anonymous Sponsor $100.00

Ilene R Scholnick $100
Mazel Tov! -Ilene, Michael & Lizzie Ausubel

Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Mazal Tov! Xxoo

Anonymous Sponsor $54.00

Ellen & Eli Cohen $52
Mazal Tov Hannah!

Ariel Braun $50.00
Yeshar Koach Hannah - Mazal Tov!

Total Value of Gifts: $ 16,893.54

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