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Justin's Bar Mitzvah Project

Stacy Lunenfeld's Sponsorship Page

I have seen and heard about the amazing things that Chai Lifeline does for sick kids and I really want to help.  For my Bar Mitzvah Project, I am trying to raise $3,600 to create "Justin's Magic Bags." These bags will hold all of the magic that a volunteer will need to visit a child in the hospital.

Some of the things that I plan to include in the "Magic Bags" are:
Mini iPad
Costumes for the volunteers to wear
Noise Makers
Bluetooth Speaker

Please consider donating what you can to help children who are ill, undergoing chemo, surgery etc.  I hope to put a smile on their faces!

Loretta Schmitzer $234
You go, Justin!

Evelyn Berman $100.00
Justin you put a smile on my face everyday so I'd like to help you

Erin Cashman $100.00
We believe in Justin!

Michael McDermott $54.00
What a great cause Justin! Mike & Kasey

Jaime Friedman $50.00
Mazel Tov! We are so proud of you!

Andrew Lunenfeld $50.00
Great cause Justin!

Michelle Berman $50
Great work Justin! We are very proud of you! Love the Kowalewski's

Julie Sessa $50
Great job Justin!

Janice Lunenfeld $50.00
Mazel Tov Justin! We are so proud of you! Doug, Janice , Hayden , and Ava

Matthew Brown $50.00
We're so proud of you, Justin! - Matt & Amanda

Anonymous Sponsor $40

Maxine Silverman $36.00
Mazel Tov on Your Upcoming Bar Mitzvah! What a great organization your are supporting.

Karen Brown $36.00
What a wonderful mitzvah, Justin! Love Uncle Steve & Aunt Karen

Nina Hess $36.
So proud of you Justin. Mazel Tov. Terry & Nina

Anonymous Sponsor $36

Laura Samuelson $36
Mazel tov Justin!!!!

Iris Pressman $36.00
Mazel Tov! Good luck with the worthwhile project. Iris & Ivan

Iris Pressman $36.00
Way to go, Justin!

Irene Shaulis $36.00
I love you and admire your goal!

Marcie Axelrod $36.00
Your "magic bags" will bring lots of smiles!

Beth Smith $36.00
What a wonderful cause!

Suzy Heyman $36.00
Happy to support your Mitzvah Project!

Beth Fisher $36
Way to go Justin.

Laura Wasserman $36.00
Mazes tov!! ~ Laura and Jason

Rochelle Baugh $20.00
Great idea!

Esther Rozga $18.00
Great project Justin!

ilene Weiner $18.00
so proud of you Justin. Love, Ilene and Chuck

Elisa Berman $18.00
Justin,What a great Bar Mitzvah project. We are proud of you! Love, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Howie

The Werner Family $18.00
Mazel Tov, Justin and what a great project!

Shari Hawtof $18.00
Mazes tov Justin! The Hawtofs

Magan Forman $18.00

Shari Karp $18.00
Mazes Tov! Shari & Brady Karp

Logan and Ben Suffel $18.00
Good Luck Justin!!

Marci Littman $18.00
So proud of you Justin

Melissa Lebowitz $18.00
Great Job Justin!!!! You are such a kind boy!!

Michelle Heyman $18.00
In honor of Justin's mitzvah project

george matthews $15.00
Good luck

Anonymous Sponsor $10.00

Anonymous Sponsor $10.18

Anonymous Sponsor $10.00
Great work Justin! Such a wonderful and thoughtful project!

Total Value of Gifts: $ 1,559.18

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