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A Chance to Soar

Tsirel Pacht's Sponsorship Page

Thank you for supporting Chai Lifeline.
Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous Sponsor $250
Rocky money and Dallas money

Anonymous Sponsor $200.00
from cash for books and bracelets

Anonymous Sponsor $150
Thank you, Dallas!

Anonymous Sponsor $147.00
from books purchased on https://www.createspace.com/5940180

Isaac and Sara Pacht $125

Anonymous Sponsor $108

Devorah Roselaar $100
I Love you xxxxxx

Tsirel Pacht $100

Stephen and Malka Moskovits $80

Anonymous Sponsor $61
from cash for books and bracelets

Anonymous Sponsor $60
for books sold + donation

Rebecca Szlafrok $54.00

Rebecca Szlafrok $54.00

Anonymous Sponsor $54
Tizku Limitvos! Keep up the great work!

Baila Rochel Weiswasser $50

Elka Feder $50

Daniel and Linda Ginsberg $50

Anonymous Sponsor $47
for books sold

Anonymous Sponsor $47
for book sold + more

Stuart and Lise Panish $46

Temima Furst $40

esther greenberg $39.78

Anonymous Sponsor $39

Anonymous Sponsor $36
Tizku L'mitzvos!!!

Judy Gottlieb $36.00
i wish you much hatzlacha!

Michal Gottlieb $36.00

Perel Abramson $36
Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!

Shira Levy $30.00

Anonymous Sponsor $30.00
for tutoring

Anonymous Sponsor $29.00

Gershon and Susan Weintraub $26

Yaakov and Ahuva Levine $25

Isaac and Sara Pacht $25

linda roselaar $24
lots of love, Devorah

Yocheved Schwartz $24

Carolyn Lindenbaum $23

Joseph and Norma Pacht $23

Nadezhda Babadzhanova $23

Byrech and Linda Lehrer $23

Aaron and Miriam Tenenbaum $23

Rabbi and Mrs. Yeshaye Goldberg $23

Steven and Sheri Katz $23

Isaac and Matty Fried $23

Dvora Friend $23

Yehuda Ari and Reizy Urbach $23

Benjamin and Esther Kilberg $23

Shmuel and Atarah Simon $23

Abraham and Miriam Horowitz $23

Betty Fischman $23

Yosef Meir and Chaya Dusya Chaifetz $23

Sheyblum $23

Matisyahu and Tziporah Hollander $23

Samuela and Julie Gitty Seibenberg $23

David and Tammy Sassoon $23

Sidney and Sarah Klein $23

Zvi and Aviva Pinter $23

Moshe and Miriam Heimfeld $23

Gerald Lee and Tzippy David $23

Simcha and Adina Shapiro $23

Arnold and Margaret Weiss $23

Hochman $23

Stanley and Sheba Mittelman $23

Sarah Saltman $20.00
Tsirel I am so proud of you! You should be matzliach in fulfilling this beautiful mitzvah for these kids!

S Frank $18

Anonymous Sponsor $14.22

Anonymous Sponsor $13
Thanks Tsirel!! You are an inspiration!

Anonymous Sponsor $7

Total Value of Gifts: $ 3,002.00

If you would like to donate , please enter the amount here.

    eg: 500.00

Who doesn't dream about being able to fly? In Camp Simcha, there are a lot of campers who dream about walking or running. Give Simcha's campers a chance to to almost-fly, on the ropes course.

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