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My Bas Mitzvah Project

Ora Goldberg's Sponsorship Page

Dear Friends and Family, amush

For my bas mitzvah, I'd like to help sponsor Chai Lifeline's West Coast Purim Party.  I was born just before Purim, and named in conjunction with the chag.  When I see kids effected by terminal illness, either their own, or a family member's, I am so grateful for my own health and that of all of yours.  

The annual Chai Lifeline Purim Party brings the fun and joy of Purim to Chai Lifeline warriors, patients, their siblings and parents. The party incorporates Purim crafts and activities, carnival booths, music, entertainment, food, treats and prizes. Attendance is 200+. The event is all about fun, excitement, friendship, and laughter and offering an opportunity for families to take a break, if just for a few hours, from the daily stresses associated with illness within a family.  

The Purim Party costs double what I'm trying to raise, which illustrates how many people benefit from the organization, but I'm not that confident in my fundraising abilities as of yet :-).  So I'm attempting to raise $6500, half of the approximate cost.  In addition I'm donating the same soccer balls being used as a project at my own party, to be used and decorated at the Chai Lifeline party.  

Please help me reach my goal.  Even if it means not giving me a gift, or giving me less.  Tizku L'mitvos.


Ora Esther Goldberg

Nora Cohen $200.00

Gerard Medioni $180
Pegi and Gerard Medioni

The Teichmans $150
Mazal Tov on your Bat Mitzvah!

Zehava Goldenberg $100.00
In honor of Ora for her bas mitzvah. C & Z

Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
In honor of Ora Goldberg

Maya Zutler Spinrad $50.00
In honor of Ora’s bas mitzvah! Love, Maya and Greg

Marion & Lielle Blinkoff $36.00
Mazel Tov Ora! Hatzlacha Raba, the Blinkoffs

Shani Sussman $36.
Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah.

Derek Gormin $36.00
Mazal tov to you and the entire Goldberg family! Here's to many more simchos!

shoshana oldak $36.00
Mazel tov Ora!! So special of you to be doing this:) Keep on being such a great source of nachas to your exceptional parents! Love, Dovid and Shani Oldak and family

Karen Fishof $36
Mazel Tov! Great Work!

Elchonon Tenenbaum $18.00
Hatzlach Mazal Tov

Total Value of Gifts: $ 978.00

If you would like to donate , please enter the amount here.

    eg: 500.00


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